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terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

T stands for Portugal

Hello Elizabeth!Hello My Lovelies!

How are you? Hope everything is under control. Tomorrow we will finally know if my daughter is going to be admitted by a university. She's so nervous. Yesterday she cried a lot because of that and it broke my heart. It is interesting how I see myself in her. She wants to save the world and helps people. She's been talking about teaching our indigenous tribes in the Amazon just like her Philosophy teacher. She is an idealist, a dreamer, a patriot. Hope she never gets disenchanted. So keep your fingers crossed, please.

Today I don't have a poem but I have a video. Although the song is in Portuguese, you can feel the emotion. They are from Portugal and they are called Madredeus. I love them. It is amazing how we -Brazilian people are connected to Portugal and how much it has influenced us in so many ways. They discovered and colonized us. We have many Portuguese immigrants here. Brazil is a melting pot. My grandparents are Italian but my blood type is Brazilian as my sister says. 
Hope you like the video and Teresa Salgueiro's voice.

Hope you all can watch it now.

T stands for Tuesdays

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  1. Oh Karla, I am keeping everything crossed for your daughter entering a Uni. She sounds like a wonderful young lady, and we ALL know what great photos she takes. I have considered doing a piece of art on the indigenous people of the Amazon when I finally get to Brazil in my 7 Continents AB. So, I look forward to hearing more about what she will study.

    Goodness what a lovely song. And of course, the emotion was definitely there. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I loved your successful lady with her cup of coffee. I believe that's true, too. Thanks for sharing her also with us for T this Tuesday. She even looks successful.

  2. Your header picture is wonderful! And I send best wishes, with crossed fingers and toes, for your daughter. She sounds like one of Earth's angels sent here to protect this blue planet. Happy T Day :o))

  3. Very best wishes for your daughter!
    Here's to a bright and beautiful future for her.
    The world needs more people like her.
    When I tried to watch the video I got this notice:
    "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." :-(
    Wishing you a Happy T Day

    1. I am sorry Patty.I will try to find another one.

    2. I am sorry Patty.I will try to find another one.

  4. Karla i have my fingers, toes, and eyeballs crossed for your daughter. Sounds like she wears her heart on her sleeve like so many of us do. i wish her all the best. Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  5. Fab digital art Karla!! Of course fingers are crossed and lots of good wishes being sent that your daughter receives her good news! We do need more people like her:) Unfortunately I too wasn't able to see the video because it was blocked :( Happy T day!

  6. Love the coffee lady! Best wishes to your daughter. She will inevitably become disenchanted at some point, but the important thing is that she becomes enchanted again. ;) The world needs people like her!!
    I couldn't watch the video, either. That's okay. My heart is singing for the young idealists! I was one, too. ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  7. hahaha, how cool, i think i´m straight going to brew my second Cup of the day:)

    i´m crossing my fingers... isn´t it so hard sometimes to see what our children have to go through? well, life... i wish her all the best!!

    (got your mail, karla, thanks so much, soul sister!)

  8. Good luck to your daughter! With a heart like hers, I'm sure that she'll be successful in anything that she does.


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