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terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

The Colors of Life

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So tomorrow starts today and the future is always a promise of better days and solutions.  When I think of 2013, I will remember the good friends I lost this year, our strikes/fight against the system, my friends/colleagues crying when nothing else could be done to change things. I won't look back in anger because there is no anger but only hope. I still hope we can be heard and I am proud I am part of this change. It is a privilege to take part in a protest ( and I have been to many this year) after years of dictatorship.
I will also close my eyes and be thankful for my new friends, for my art, for my family, for my life. They make sense in a senseless world. 
I'd like to leave you a message written by a Brazilian writer called Augusto Cury:

Wish you may not be afraid of life and not be afraid of living it.
There is no heaven without storms, or roads without accidents.
It is only worthy of the podium, the one who uses his defeats to reach it.
It is only worthy of wisdom the one who uses his tears to irrigate it.
Fragile people use force; strong people, intelligence.
Be a dreamer, but unite your dreams with discipline,
for dreams without discipline produce frustrated people.
Become a debater of ideas. Fight for what you love.

Augusto Cury

Happy New Year and don't forget: life has the colors you paint it!

Karla Bardanza

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15 comentários:

  1. What an exquisite post Karla such a beautiful picture and wise and wonderful words to begin the New Year...I wish you every blessing.

  2. Strong and thoughtful words, Karla, and an optimistic and quite marvellous work of art.

  3. Que linda e alegre colagem, Karla. Desejo que 2014 seja um ano melhor para você, que a matemática feche no positivo e que se coração seja aquecido pelo amor, carinho e amizade daqueles que te apreciam.

  4. Beautiful words and artwork, Karla. Happy New Year, I will try to heed your wise words.

  5. love the words "life has the colors you paint it"... will try to remember! beautiful artwork, karla, up into a wonderful 2014!

  6. I am touched by your words Karla but keep Hope in your heart! I know how much you love colour by your glorious header but this Colour your Life is absolutely fantastic! Many blessings! xx

  7. Such a powerful and moving post, Karla, and one that brings me closer to understanding the struggles you are encountering in Brazil. I'm glad you found the Three Muses and we in return found you.

    Wishing you a happy and inspirational 2014, my friend.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful card and encouraging, wise words. Have a happy new year, my friend!

  9. Karla, I wish you a very Happy New Year there in Brazil!

  10. Fabulous and Brilliant, my friend! Bravo!

  11. What amazing art. Your words have touched me, too. Happy New Year to you!

  12. I think you are a brave, strong, determined woman Karla, and I am proud to know you. I am not au fait with the politics and events in Brazil, which never get an airing on our news programs on TV,which seem to be very selective about what they report. I must try to find out more. I have enjoyed visiting your blog so much this year, learning from you and being so impressed with your artwork.
    A wonderful post to read, and I wish you all that you hope for and desire in 2014.

  13. I love your art, I love the words shared, Karla. Thanks so much for sharing both. My daughter from Oregon has been visiting this week, and I didn't get anything done, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your entry!! May the New Year bring you all good things!

  14. Great entry, for the three muses and the new year

  15. So very inspirational. I salute your courage and strength. Thank you for expressing yourself this week by sharing your beautiful, bright collage and the wonderful poem.

    Wishing you a Bright and Beautiful 2014!



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