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terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

Brazil - what is democracy?

I have never thought of using my blog as a tool against the system but today I am here to show the whole world what the government of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has been doing against us - public school teachers. We have been on a strike for 54 days, protesting against poor salaries and poor working conditions. Besides the government wants us to swallow a plan that benefits only them.I want to show how the police has been treating us - teachers - with the permission of our Governor and Mayor. We are not criminals, we don't deserve to be treated like one. See the pictures:

This video was recorded yesterday

These photos below I myself took on Sunday September 29th, 2013. I was in the protest with some friends and our daughters. 

And here my friends/colleagues, our daughters and me:

I believe that Education is the root of any country. I believe in freedom of speech, in democracy and above all, I think that a country that doesn't respect its educators is a land of tears.

Karla Bardanza 


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  1. Unbelievable! This is not informed in news here in the other part of the world. So it's your right to tell us.

  2. It is a frightening sight and surely a dreadful situation to witness!
    I tried to google for strike in Brazil and the most recent posts were from july telling about the strikes of university professors and how the group of protesters grew over time. But nothing from yesterday or the recent week.
    I hope nobody was seriously injured during the protests and wish you and your colleagues a fair treatment! Good luck!

  3. Thank you for letting us know how you are treated this is not broadcast in the USA. I hope conditions improve and that your government comes to realize the importance of education AND the freedom of expression. Best wishes my friend.

  4. Except for your blog we didn't hear about it. How awful for you, the teachers and your country. I hope that a resolution comes soon to help the teachers! May Peace come to you, your friends & Brazil. <3

  5. There's been nothing in the US media about this situation. I am appalled, Karla, and certainly hope conditions improve. Education is, of course, SO important to the leaders of tomorrow, and there's such need for them to grow up with respect for their teachers and others. My thoughts are with you!

  6. We haven't seen anything on the UK news about this either. I hope you all prevail in the end, Karla. Keeping you in my thoughts, my friend.


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