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terça-feira, 13 de agosto de 2013

My blood, your blood

We have more than 58 indigenous tribes here. Some of them have never been studied. The Portuguese we speak in Brazil was tremendously influenced by our indians and a research proved that more than 60% of my people has indian blood.Mother Africa has a great influence too and 
I do feel we will always be in debt with our indians and the sons and daughters of Mother Africa because they were the ones
who gave their lives for the growing of this land.

The Legend of Vitória-Régia - an indian tale

A young girl called Naiá from a tribe called Tupi-Guarani wanted  to be a star. She lived  on the banks of the Amazon River and, enjoyed singing to the full moon while sitting next to the water. She believed the moon chose the most beautiful maidens to turn into stars. So, she always climbed hills and trees, trying to reach it. But she could never get to touch the face of the full moon.  One day, while looking at the river, she saw the reflection of the full moon on the water.  Thinking that the moon had finally responded to her wish, she threw herself into the waters, disappearing... but the moon, taking pity on this young woman, transformed her into the Vitória Régia, the beautiful large water-lilly that can be found in the Amazon River and its tributaries.

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Poetic Postcards
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  1. This is sooo beautiful...and I really appreciate the culture update. I'm very involved with 2 families in Southern Ethiopia whom I vist each year...so culture, its legends and histories are important to me.Thanks for sharing...and by the way, I love the little bells I hear each time I visit your blog!! Sweet.

  2. Thank you for telling about the culture of Brazil. Some was totally new to me. I'm recalling that the next olympic games will take place there and people will get much information of the huge country of yours.
    Your art works are fantastic!

  3. A most interesting post... and beautiful images.

  4. beautiful images and posting-I did not know they speak Portuguese in Brazil !


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